Prison Program

Transforming women's lives through education and skills.


The majority of these women are imprisoned as a result of appalling male abuse and domination. Many pregnant as a result of rape, many HIV+, some disabled, most illiterate, without a shilling or any employable skills.

They just deserve a break.

It was here that SOSK began, with the purchase of a $60 sewing machine. The objective was to teach a group of the women sewing skills to keep them occupied and give them a sense of accomplishment and reduce the amount of bickering that occurred through boredom. That one simple investment has grown into a burgeoning self-sustaining craft industry. From sewing to embroidery, basket-making, beading and knitting. Producing an abundance of products which are sold in the local market and to local retailers.

They now employ a book-keeper to manage the accounts!
Using the proceeds from sales, they built themselves a hair salon just outside the prison which takes paying customers and teaches inmates the skills of hair-braiding.

SOSK built a classroom upon request from the women to learn to read and write, some hoping to start school and others to finish school. The school lessons, sewing lessons and craft industry were bursting the prison walls. Together, the prison and SOSK built a workshop to cater for this diversification and growth.

A simple story ........ these women just needed a kick-start!

While the prison industry is self-sufficient, the women still need a helping hand every now and again. It took my eight visit to discover that most of the inmates had no underwear!!!!!. An expense that was well beyond them. Horrified, I put out a plea for ‘knickers for Naivasha’. Thanks to friends and supporters Australia wide, I continue to enjoy the hilarious experience of supplying inmates with cotton undies.

They just deserve a break
Learning skills to produce an abundance of products.