Our Vision

Transforming lives
now and for future generations.


Skills, Opportunity, Survival in Kenya. We are a not for profit organisation which funds programs to promote the education of orphan and slum children and training for destitute women in Kenya.
The SOSK objective is to offer these people the opportunity to learn skills for employability, relevant lifeskills and develop knowledge of fundamental health. This is achieved through :-

  • Providing an orphanage/childcare and schooling facility in the slum area of Naivasha,
  • Through the provision of resources for the training and education of prison women.
  • Through the provision of materials, training and infrastructure for the operation of a craft/clothing industry which trains and employs destitute women and boys.

Our objectives are realised through our alliances with local Christian organisations.

The Church on the River, has provided the grounds for the childcare and school facility. SOSK funds the school, it’s upkeep and growth. This facility is a safe haven for children to be cared for, educated and fed while their parents, predominantly single mothers, are occupied in jobs and job-searching. It protects the children from the harm and abuse that is common in the slums when they are left unattended.

Through our liaison with Life Beads Kenya (LBK), SOSK helps to fund the teaching of craft skills to local women. These skills are essential to giving a viable alternative to the prospect of working in the quarry that is often the only option for the unskilled, uneducated, single mothers, poor, or aged.

Attaining the skills in beading and sewing and the proceeds from the sale of the craft produced has allowed the women to obtain an income and gain financial independence. As a result the women are able to support themselves and their families. They are able to free themselves from the customary ties that often bind women to poverty or servitude to males in the tribe.

In the Naivasha Women’s Prison, women learn the skills of beading, sewing, basket-making and hairdressing. The classroom and workshop were built by SOSK and the prison. Within this space the women are able to generate income and continue their self development. The prison program has allowed the women to become part of a self-sustaining craft industry, learn skills and produce products which are sold locally.

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Christie Kurrle
Director and Founder, SOSK

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